This Homeless Thanksgiving Will Inspire You to be Kinder (Video)

As we gather this week with friends and family, and go around the table to say what we are thankful for, this video reminds us that sometimes a bit of a kindness goes a long way.

L.A.’s skid row is a home to over 6,000 homeless people. In this video, two kind men set up an elegant Thanksgiving meal for a few homeless men they meet there.

Their kindness is compelling and impressionable. At one point in the video, when asked what they would change in their lives in they could one of the men living on skid row said:

“I would raise my kids. Be a man, as well as a father.”

The kindness and compassion shown in this video  is what the world needs more of. I truly believe that it’s true altruism that can move peoples hearts.

I’m inspired and reminded by this video to be try and continue being a kinder and more compassionate person.

To view all people equally no matter what they look like on the surface, and to have this feeling all year round not just on the holidays.





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