Could North and South Korea Ever Reunite? (Video)

Will Korea ever be united? Both sides – the Stalinist North and the democratic South – have from time to time expressed at least moderate interest in uniting.

Though it remains to be seen whether that wish is genuine.

After all, North Korea did sink a South Korean naval ship only four years ago and tensions between the countries remain high.

Not to mention the fact that North Korea’s paranoid regime isn’t one to give ground anywhere, so from their perspective a unification may look very different than from what South Korea would want.

It seems unlikely new leader Kim Jong-un and his factional supporters will relinquish power.

The video above also explains other reasons why a unification isn’t likely anytime soon and looks at how the issue is no longer a priority for young Koreans.

In 2010 only 49 percent of Koreans in their 20’s thought unification was necessary.

Since Korea was split, the cultures of the two halves have become vastly different. After decades of communist rule North Korea is considered a pariah state while South Korea is into democracy, rule of law and free trade.

The only way it seems like unification would work would be if North Korea collapsed. I guess we will just have to wait and see.


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