These Chinese Students Embrace Studying in the U.S.

Chinese students enjoy studying in the U.S. (Image: Secret China)
Chinese students enjoy studying in the U.S. (Image: Secret China)

There is a study tour held during the summer in the U.S. available to Chinese students that lasts for a week.

Since it is a summer course, the classes are not very formal. Classes are only half a day long, ending at 1 p.m. or 2 p.m. every day.

After the week is over, the students share their experiences during their simple graduation ceremony.

One student said that he realized how poor his English skills are, so he must study harder.

Another remarked that the sky is much bluer, the air is cleaner, and that he wants to continue his education here.

A 15-year-old boy showed he has a keener eye than his peers. “Things are more humane in the U.S.; for example, highway markings are reflective, making it easier for drivers; because there are more girls in the schools, there are more girls’ restrooms. How considerate!”

Each of the 12 students who came from different provinces expressed that they want to attend college in the U.S. Additionally, the 12 teenagers are still holding onto the Chinese dream of immigrating to America. Even though their time in the U.S. is short, they are excited and curious about many things in the U. S.

Translated by Felice

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