8 Ways To Travel Smarter, for Business or Pleasure (Video)

These packing tips are just straight up useful. Take 2:06 minutes to watch this video, and apply the new packing game plan to your next trip. Just store these gems in the travel section of your mind.

It shows how to quickly pack more into a carry on size suitcase. How to easily pack a suit with out leaving it a wrinkly, hobo mess. What you don’t need to bring in your toiletries, and how much you really need. The shoes, the fancy shirt, and some other nifty tricks.

My little tip: If you are going to shop, leave room in your suitcase—just pack that space with a rolled up duffle bag. That way, if you have to bring back an extra bag for your “souvenirs,” you’ll have the space, or the bag to fill and check in.

Happy travels!

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