Affirmative, the New Movie ‘Penguins of Madagasgar’ is Hilarious (Trailer)

Having kids, for me, is really about having a good excuse to watch “kid” movies.

Some of the funniest, and most beautiful films I’ve seen are in that category, and I would’ve missed them all. Penguins of Madagascar is now on that list.

It came out in cinemas two days ago, on Nov. 26. I loved the March of the Penguins spoof. The jokes are non-stop, dry, witty, and fast. This is comedy.

Interestingly, someone noted in the comments: “Not many notice this, but the part when the guy says. “Ok Gunter, shove them off,”  was mimicking and maybe pointing out to what Disney did in the movie. ”White Wilderness.”  If you don’t know, Disney said that the Lemmings, the animals in the documentary, were committing suicide, but really, the Disney crew shoved them all off the cliff! I find it funny that Dreamworks is agreeing it’s true!”

I looked that up on here on Wikipedia, it talks all about the lemming “push.” Interesting.

Anyway, enjoy the trailer. Go check it out these holidays, even if you don’t have kids.


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