It Feels Like Gluten Sensitivity, But It’s NOT

seasonal illnesses 
 Image: flickr_Mic445_Creative Commons License
seasonal illnesses Image: flickr_Mic445_Creative Commons License

What if some people had all the symptoms of gluten sensitivity, but tested negative? I would say poor them.

Gluten sensitivity isn’t fun—bloating, headaches, fatigue, foggy head… the list goes on.

Recently, research discovered that many people are sensitive to certain sugars called FODMAPS (Fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, polyols, and sugars), rather than gluten.

These sugary culprits don’t digest easily, and become the food for bad bacteria in the gut and colon.

When the cohort, who was experiencing these mysterious symptoms, went on a FODMAPS diet, their health improved rapidly.

If you suspect you have food sensitivities, go and talk with a trusted health professional before paring down your diet too much.

It may not be necessary—there could be something else going on.

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