Would You Be a Champion Runner If You Had MS? Meet the Inspiring Kayla

Kayla Montgomery is far more than simply a champion high school track star. Four years ago at the age of 14, Kayala was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), which for most people, male or female, would end any thought of becoming a state champion long distance runner.

But Kayala is no ordinary person. She has a drive that is beyond the imagination. When she was 14, Kayla was playing in a school soccer game and fell. That night, she could no longer feel her feet.

After running scans, the doctor said that Kayala had MS, an absolutely devastating prognosis for someone so young and vibrant. Kayla cried a lot, stayed to herself, and wondered: “Why me?”

For 8 months. Kayla had no feeling in her legs, but with medication, the feeling gradually returned. However, she had to give up contact sports and took up running.

Her high school coach, Patrick Cromwell, is another amazing person in Kayla’s life who knew just how far to push Kayla, and who supported her 100%.

Watch the remarkable story of how this young woman overcame all obstacles to become a championship long distance runner in spite of the odds against her.

Kayla’s final high school race will bring tears to your eyes, and demonstrates the unstoppable courage of this young woman.

If you aren’t moved by Kayla Montgomery’s story, I suggest you check to see if you’re still breathing.

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