LOL, Australian Broadcasters Have a Battle Royal to the Death

This battle to the death between Australian broadcasters had been shaping up for some time.

Lee Lin Chin, a national broadcaster with SBS, a government subsidized station, faced off against all the other free-to-air network broadcasters, including the popular ABC, the other government subsidized channel.

This was a fight to the death, and was broadcast on SBS2’s The Feed. Let Celebrity Battleground begin.

The players in this Battle Royal:

  • Sandra Sully and Hugh Riminton from Ten’s Eyewitness News.
  • Today’s Karl Stefanovic, Lisa Wilkinson, and Richard Wilkins from Channel 9.
  • Seven’s Derryn Hinch.
  • SBS2’s team from The Feed.

There is also a quick cameo appearance from The Chaser boys.

And finally, Lee… Lin… Killer… Chin.

I won’t spoil the outcome—but only one broadcaster can walk away from this bloodbath.

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