Here’s a New Perspective for Moms… From Their Kids

What kind of mom do you think you are… or does your mom think she is?

It’s not easy being a parent, and there’s a lot of pressure to try to raise your kids properly.

But kids don’t come with a handbook, and what may work with one child may not work with another one.

So parents are bound to make mistakes sometimes, while most of the time they’ll do the right things.

We all tend to be our own biggest critics. You can generally only see things from your own perspective.

But what do your kids think? How do they see you, and how often do you really listen to them?

Elevation Church wanted to find out how moms would describe themselves, and then how their kids would describe them.

So they first asked some moms in to talk about themselves, and then had their kids come in to share about their moms.

The moms were then asked to return and watch what their children had to say about them.

When you listen to another’s perspective, it may just change how you see yourself.

I’m sure these kids and their moms appreciated each other far more after this.

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