This Young Woman Totally Freaks Out Over Pregnant Turkey Prank

This young woman totally freaks out over her family’s “pregnant turkey” prank.


Either she never learned about the birds (make that turkeys) and the bees, or she was too freaked out to even think.

First, turkeys, like all birds, lay eggs. Unlike humans, they don’t give live birth.

When turkeys are killed and prepared for sale to the public, their feathers are plucked off, and their innards are removed so you can stuff them.

So it really beggars belief that anyone would really fall for this prank, but strong emotions easily override logic.

On Thanksgiving, this young lady was asked to remove the stuffing from the family’s roast turkey.

As she was removing the stuffing, she discovered something else that pushed her over the edge… another tiny cooked bird was inside the turkey, most likely a Cornish hen.

This is when she completely lost it, thinking the turkey was pregnant and it’s baby had just been roasted as well.

What can I say? Her reaction is an absolute classic, as she starts crying, believing this turkey’s baby was also now part of the menu.

I wonder after it was revealed that this was a prank whether she was able to enjoy the family’s roast turkey dinner, or whether she was too traumatized?

Maybe she became a dyed-in-the-wool vegetarian. Anyway, watch and enjoy.

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