Can This iPhone App Really Help You Meditate?

Who would have thought your cell phone could guide you to meditate? But that’s exactly what a neuroscientist, an entrepreneur, and an artist want to do.

With the combination of a 3D printed lotus flower, an iPhone, and a brain scan EEG headset, you are encouraged to meditate.

A meditation app for people who can’t put down their iPhones.

The benefits of meditation are unquestionable. Who could deny that? But I have a problem with using this kind of technology long term.

This might be good for a scientific study of the benefits of meditation, but I can’t see using this in daily practice.

I won’t personally be wearing a brain scanner when I meditate. It would be weird to always have my brain under observance by a computer during those times of tranquility. And I don’t believe a computer can measure all the intangible benefits of meditation.

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