A Spanish Road Trip With an All Girl Longboard Crew: Endless Roads 1

Gorgeous road trip around Spain—7 girls, 15 days, 4,300 kilometers, 21 longboards, and a lot of fun! Warning: This is going to make your feet itchy for exploring, and your skin restless for summer. That’s OK, though right? Start dreaming. Start planning.

Road trip in Spain

Getting ready to hit the road for the Longboard Girl Crew Spain road trip. (Screenshot/Vimeo)

“In this first chapter, Jacky, Valeria, Carlota, and Gador welcome Maitane, who’s coming from the Basque Country; Marisa coming from Miami, and Amanda from Massachusetts. Together, they start their journey traveling 600 km in the van to Cabo de Gata Natural Area, in Almería.

Road trip around Spain

7 girls, one V-dub van, roadtripping around Spain. (Screenshot/Vimeo)

“They spend three days over there, enjoying unique volcanic landscapes, the deep blue sea breaking against the winding coastline, August’s relentless sun, and secondary roads that leads to small towns and coves in the Mediterranean coast.”

Road trip around Spain

Spanish country side. (Screenshot/Youtube)

Take 10 minutes to sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s all about freedom…and girls rock.

Road trip around Spain

Hitting the beach. (Screenshot/Youtube)


Road trip around Spain

Long-boarding around Spain. (Screenshot/Youtube)


Road trip around Spain

Long-boarding Spain, one epic hill at a time. (Screenshot/Youtube)

Road trip around Spain

Camping out on the beach in Spain. (Screenshot/Youtube)

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