A Mirror Cabin…This Is Actually Really, Really Good Looking (Video)

Yep, mirrors are going to look really cool on the outside of your house, especially if you live among some handsome nature. People often want their home to blend into the surroundings and look natural.

How practical is it…? I mean, this video shows an art project on an abandoned homesteader’s hut, so… But, if you live somewhere really, really good looking, let it be reflected on your house, it’s genius.

Mirror cabin in Cali desert.

Mirror cabin is giving me ideas. If you live in a forrest area…oooh, nice. (Screenshot/Vimeo)

Obviously it’s not the ideal building material, and would get weather damaged if the edges weren’t sealed very well—but a feature wall? Some strips like this guy did would be really stunning.

Let nature “blue steel” on your home all day, it’d be so good looking.

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