‘Human Punch Bag’ Dad Successfully Raises Funds for Son’s Treatment

Xia responds to kind messages from donors. (Image: Tencent News)
Xia responds to kind messages from donors. (Image: Tencent News)

A desperate Chinese man who appealed to strangers to help save his sick son’s life has managed to raise about 680,000 yuan (about $110,565) in public donations, according to iFeng News.

Xia Jun recently stood outside a Beijing station advertizing himself as a “human punch bag” to raise money for treating his 2-year-old son Guo Guo who has myeloid leukemia.

Their story gained media attention, and many people phoned Xia with heartwarming messages or went to visit Guo Guo in hospital. One donor left 30,000 yuan (nearly $5,000) in cash at the hospital.

Another even offered to pay his schooling fees from elementary school to uni which really touched Xia.

The family now have enough money to pay for the medical care Guo Guo needs right now, and Xia wants to get a job when his son is a bit better so he can afford to pay the rest of the treatment himself, and to be worthy of people’s compassion towards his son.

Guo Guo recently had a lung infection, but apparently this is normal and treatable, according to his doctor. They’re hoping he’ll be out of hospital in about two months.

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