This Little Twin Has an Adorable Way of Singing to Her Brother (Video)

Do you think singing is boring? Then take a look at this little girl’s creative approach!

Cute twins Chelsea and Jesper are mini-stars in Taiwan. Chelsea is nicknamed Xiaoyang, meaning little sheep, while Jesper is nicknamed Xiaozhu, meaning little pig.

Their mother posted this video on YouTube, saying: “Our daughter really loves singing.” They discovered that Chelsea liked to pretend she’s playing a musical instrument using any item to hand. That day, she turned a plastic bag into a guitar while singing to her brother.

Chelsea: Which song do you want?
Jesper: Nicholas Tse‘s song.

Then she created a new song dedicated to her brother.

Wow, looks like she’s good at both singing and songwriting!

Don’t worry if you can’t understand what she’s singing—just enjoy the cuteness overload!

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