Why Did This Man Hire 5 Rickshaw Drivers to Pull His Brand New Volvo?

A very unusual car parade in Xi'an on Jan. 5. (Image: HSW.com)
A very unusual car parade in Xi'an on Jan. 5. (Image: HSW.com)

I bet you’ve never seen anything like this!

A rich Chinese man paid a team of rickshaw drivers to pull his car through the streets of Xi’an.

Mr. Wang was sitting in a brand new Volvo XC60 in Chanba car theme park on Jan. 5, but without the engine on.

If you take a closer look, you’ll see there’s a banner on the back of the vehicle. It says: “Tianrun Volvo 4S shop is swindling customers. I bought a Volvo XC60 three days ago, and only drove it 262 miles. It has an engine oil leak out but the shop won’t provide a refund or exchange.”

(Image: HSW.com)

Mr. Wang parading around in his car with the banner pasted on it. (Image: HSW.com)

Mr. Wang ordered the imported SUV on Nov 26. After signing all the paperwork on Dec. 27, he had spent a total of about 64 million RMB ($102,965).

However a few days later, he discovered a major oil leak, according to qq.com.

When he went back to the shop, no agreement could be reached, so he came up with this idea instead.

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