Charlie Hebdo’s Editor: ‘I’d Rather Die Standing Than Live on My Knees’

The French satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo’s raison d’être was to poke fun at political and religious figures.

Proudly French and wickedly independent, the weekly magazine also published unflattering cartoons of Islam’s holiest figure, the Prophet Mohammed.

This resulted in pretty much offending every Muslim on the planet which led to awful consequences as covered in the video above.

Now much of the Western world is still reeling following Wednesday’s attack on Charlie Hebdo‘s offices in Paris by two Islamic terrorists.

The magazine’s editor Stéphane Charbonnier and 11 others died in the attack.

Charbonnier told Le Monde newspaper two years ago:

“I’d rather die standing than live on my knees.”

Despite the attack, Charlie Hebdo will be published next week. According to the BBC, instead of its usual 60,000 copies, it will print a run of one million copies.

Below are a collection of cartoons created out of response to the killings.


Attack on Charlie Hebdo cartoon 2 cartoon 4 cartoon 5 Cartoons 3

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