Father Travels to Syria to Rescue Son Who Went on Jihad

If you’re a parent you’d understand what drove this Belgian man to travel to war torn Syria to rescue his son from militant extremists.

It took former soldier Dimitri Bontinck three trips to Syria to find his son who once was a happy go lucky kid before being converted to radical Islam.

After his son went to fight in the civil war in Syria, Dimitri found no one in his government willing to help him locate his son so he made the extraordinary decision to go there himself.

“I follow a father instinct, I follow my heart you know – not without my son you know,” he says in the above report by Sky News.

Vision from Dimitri’s video diary shows him amidst the ruins of Aleppo and visiting hospitals as he searches for his son.

At one point he was taken prisoner by a rebel group who suspected him of being a spy. He was handcuffed and beaten but he never gave up hope.

Dimitri said the vast majority of Syrians couldn’t do enough to help him find his son.

When father and son were finally reunited in 2013, Dimitri said his boy wanted to go home.

“He knew he had been used by the wrong people,” Dimitri said.

But now back in Belgium his son faces charges for being a part of a banned terror group.

As news has spread of their story, Dimitri has been contacted by other parents whose children have been radicalized and are fighting in Syria.

Now Dimitri has been to Syria eight times to help rescue other people’s children.

Full respect to you Dimitri. You’ve got a big heart.


Dimitri Bontinck

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