Gamers, Take a Rest Now! You’re Probably Putting Yourself in Danger

A man in Taiwan died after a 3-day session of online gaming. (Image: CTS)
A man in Taiwan died after a 3-day session of online gaming. (Image: CTS)

Is online gaming‘s danger just about bloodshed and violence that puts children’s mental development at risk? This incident shows there’s a lot more to it.

A 32-year-old man died in an Internet cafe in Kaohsiung after non-stop gaming for three days.

The man, surnamed Hsieh, was a frequent customer at the cafe, and attendants regularly saw him slumped face-down in front of the computer when resting.

Sadly on Jan. 8, he was not resting this time, lying in his chair, motionless and not breathing. He was pronounced dead from cardiac arrest after being taken to hospital.

The cold conditions in the cafe, as well as exhaustion from non-stop gaming, were the likely causes of death, according to Apple Daily.

The incident has apparently shocked the online community. Local police are working on spreading awareness of the dangers of gaming for extended periods, and many foreign media are reporting on it.

But customers at the cafe were too busy gaming to care about the death of their brother-in-arms.

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