Key & Peele Are Back With More Crazy Football Player Names

I don’t know why making fun of athletes’ names is so amusing, but Key & Peele love doing it so much, they’ve added this 3rd video to their wacky East/West football lineup series.

But it’s not all make-believe. This time you’ll see actual pro football players interspersed throughout. And they validate the joke by giving their real names. Yes, the real names are crazier than anything Key or Peele could ever think up.

I never thought I’d meet a man named Splendiferous Finch.

This is all leading up to the big game. The super bowl is happening on February 1st. You’ll find a few less players there with such zany looks and wacky names. I think Key and Peele should do something like this live in front of the super bowl crowd. But at least they will be airing a Super Bowl special.


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