How Does This Young Woman Extract Sounds From the Air? (Video)

Probably everyone pretended to play an invisible instrument as a child, but this young woman has turned that game into a lifestyle.

There are very few professional musicians who can play the theremin. The German musician Carolina Eyck is in this elite group.

 This 27-year-old dominates the electronic instrument, which makes sounds without any physical contact.

The idea is to make movements in the air that create electromagnetic sounds, similar to what you might hear in a science fiction movie. Certain hand positions produce certain sounds, and arguably the musical scale rests in the palm of your hand.

Carolina began playing the theremin at age 7. Her mastery of the theremin has meant she can play in large international orchestras. Today she is one of the most well-known players of this fantastic instrument, giving solo concerts around the world and lessons at the Leipzig Academy of Theremin.

What are your thoughts when you see someone move their fingers through the air seemingly without a purpose? Here are some online opinions:

  • Ian Merritt – This is SO beautiful. It seems like pairing the theremin with other string instruments really brings out the beauty in its song. You often see other theremin players playing with guitarists or pianists, but all those strings! It’s astonishing.
  • Bob Nagy – I’m a lifelong performing musician with as good an ear as you can get for pitch. I can detect microscopic inaccuracies. Ahhh… this instrument is about 3 times as difficult as a violin. I can practice for 24 hours, and still have pitch problems. Breathing is a half step… yeah, you have to stop breathing. Carolina is as good as it gets in accuracy… sad but true. Try it some time.

I’ll leave you with this funny version of the popular tune “Autumn Leaves.” I hope you enjoy it!


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