Kobane Is in Ruins But the Kurdish People Remain Standing

After four months of intense fighting, Kurdish forces have cleared ISIS out of the Syrian city Kobane, or at least what’s left of it.

The ruined city is in peace but the cost has been high.

Amidst the rubble lie unexploded ordinance and hidden booby traps.

Despite the savagery of the battle, some civilians refused to leave their homes. In the BBC report above, Quentin Sommerville speaks with one family who hid in their basement and shared food with Kurdish fighters. The children say they’re now going back to school.

The battle of Kobane will be remembered as the first great victory against the ISIS extremists. Due to their bravery, the Kurdish people have also gained new admiration from the free world.

ISIS fighters are now less than five miles away from Kobane. The Kurd’s fight against the brutal jihadists continues.

See a selection of Quentin Sommerville’s twitter images of Kobane below.


Kbane 4


Kobane 2

Kobane 3

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