Last Minute Miracles Bring Super Bowl XLIX to an Exciting Finish

What an exciting game. The New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks put everything out there on the football field. There were spectacular mistakes and amazing completions that kept the game close, and kept victory in reach for both teams.

The final moments saw a floored Seahawks receiver make an impossible juggled catch to put the Seahawks in scoring position. Seahawks just about had this game. Their star running back Marshawn Lynch could have put this game away as the clock wound down. But instead, Seahawks threw an interception into the hands of a Patriots rookie at the goal line. Then an unfortunate penalty gave the Patriots the necessary distance from the Seahawks goal line and closed the gates victory.

New England came back from a 10-point deficit, and the Seahawks eventually showed serious flaws in their defense, which Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady was quick to exploit. He teamed with tight end Rob Gronkowski and wide receiver Julian Edelman to push the game back in the Patriots favor and on to victory.

Besides that, the Super Bowl halftime show saw Katy Perry ride a giant diamond tiger before bringing out Lenny Kravitz for a duet. And then Missy Elliot jumped in and stole the show with an invigorating performance of her past hits.

Impossible interceptions and lucky catches kept an exciting Super Bowl in both teams’ hands.

All in all, this was an awesome Super Bowl, even though my favorite team lost. If Marshawn Lynch was just given the ball to do what he does best, you’d see a different team celebrating victory.

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