After Shocking Super Bowl Viewers, What’s Next for Missy Elliott?

Missy Elliott appeared towards the end of Katy Perry’s set and pleasantly surprised the viewership at one of the world’s most popular sporting events. Her appearance at the Super Bowl performing a smash up of her classic hit songs have me wondering if she’s about to release new material.

Missy Elliott makes a dynamic comeback at America’s largest sporting event.

Missy Elliott is one of the greatest female hip hop artist of all time, and the only one to have 6 albums go platinum. Seeing her up there in the stadium with her amazing group of dancers, still looking so fresh, was a much needed break from the Nicki Minajs and Iggy Azaleas of the music world. Missy doesn’t flaunt her body to sell records. She scores on trendsetting talent and creative songwriting alone.

After that Super Bowl performance, Missy’s songs have shot up the music charts again. People are discovering and rediscovering her music as they rush to purchase and download her hits. The songs she performed were 14, 13, and 10 years old, but they hardly sound dated, and have a sound beyond most hip hop and pop songs you’ll hear today.

Since timing out of the frontlines in the music industry, Missy has written, produced, and featured for a number of artists, including Monica, Korean artists Dragon G, J. Cole, and many others. She hasn’t released an album of her own material since 2005, and from the way her sales are going since Sunday’s game, looks like she won’t need to…but I hope she does.

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