Here’s Why Touch Is Essential to Human Health

So does this explain why athletes give each other so many public displays of affection? Is this why basketball players hug, give chest bumps, and high fives? And why baseball players like to smack butts so much? An any sport, when the winning starts so does the hugging.

A lot of information we can’t see is communicated in a touch. And it affects health and more things than we think. Culture makes a significant difference in how we interpret touch and how much touch one can tolerate.

Physical contact transmits many things that affect us physically and psychologically.


I was surprised when I went to South America and saw how much more they touch. But it was a different kind of touch. They don’t hug as much as us from the USA, but it’s common to give cheek kisses as greetings, even to people you meet for the first time. But isn’t it nasty to have the saliva of someone you don’t know resting on your cheek? Will they get offended if you wipe it away? I also saw heavy kissing between couples while the parents were in the same room. And people were more likely to grab your arm or shoulder while talking. At times it got a bit irritating for me. But they were surprised upon seeing me hug my friend who was also from the USA. They thought it meant a bit more than it did. Perhaps a hug to them equals more than all of that other public touching they do.

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