Like a Scene From a Movie: Taiwan Plane Crashes Into Water

A TransAsia Airways plane holding 58 passengers crashed early today shortly after taking of from a downtown Taipei airport. Officials have confirmed at least 23 people are dead with an additional 20 currently missing.

At least 15 people have survived the crash, which was captured dramatically by passing motorists as it went down into a nearby river. The cause of the crash is currently unknown, but pictures and videos posted on Twitter and other social media sites by witnesses show the frightening scene firsthand.

The flight was bound for the island of Kinmen when an unknown error occurred causing the crash. Emergency responders surrounded the partially submerged plane which was lying on its side in the river and tried to rescue as many on board as they could. The plane narrowly missed nearby apartment buildings and at this point

it is unclear whether the pilot was aiming for the river when it went down.

TransAsia’s chief executive, Peter Chen, was deeply apologetic at a televised news conference. The crash is still being investigated and we will be sure to keep you updated when we know more.



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