Unconscious Old Man Gets Run Over After No One Helps Him (Video)

In today’s China, good deeds often don’t get received with gratitude, but just the opposite: blackmail.

Pengci, a common trick meaning “collide China,” began with the idea of extorting medical expenses from a driver by pretending to be hit by a car. Later, Chinese also used Pengci to refer to a scam when old people faked illness by lying in the road. Anyone who came to help became a victim of the fraud, because the con artist blames the helper to extort “medical fees.”

Scams like these are often seen in Chinese society, and have damaged people’s trust and kind-heartedness. Fewer and fewer Chinese people are willing to help strangers now, for fear of getting blackmailed. That’s why the tragedy in this video happened.

An old man fell over in the road in Zhejiang Province on Feb. 1. Several vehicles and pedestrians passed by, but just looked at him; no one wanted to give him a hand.

Several minutes later a white car making a turn ran over the old man, dragging him for two or three yards until it stopped. The driver realized someone was under the car, and called the police, according to qq news.

In the eight minutes after the man fell, four vehicles and 23 pedestrians passed by. Only an elderly woman who knew the man stopped, and called out his name a few times, but he didn’t respond. She didn’t dare touch him, and went to get his family for help. But just before she came back, the car ran him over.

Whose fault is it?

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