9 Ridiculous Sleeping Positions You Can See on Chinese Trains (Photos)

    They are truly sleeping like professional gymnasts. (Image: Weibo.com)Smart ways to make sure your sleeping head stays in the right place. (Image: Weibo.com)Left: This sleeper looks a bit like he hanged himself! Right: Not sure how he managed to fit down there. (Image: Weibo.com)Really good balancing skills. (Image: Weibo.com)It's hard to find the right position for your legs in the narrow seating space. (Image: Weibo.com)They could be strangers, but they are all tired home-comers in the train. (Image: Weibo.com)

    With the traditional lunar new year, or spring festival starting in two weeks, China is experiencing a very special traveling phenomenon known as Chunyun which means Spring Festival Transportation

    Chunyun is the world’s largest annual human migration, when millions of Chinese travelers take trains, planes, and buses to return to their homes, and get together with their families to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

    The vast majority of the travelers in China will take long-distance trains to go back to their hometowns. Most of these train travelers are migrant workers and students, who are rarely able to afford plane tickets.

    Many of the train trips will take over 20 or 30 hours from the departure point to the destination, which means passengers usually have to stay overnight on the train.

    With the crowded carriages and narrow seats, train travel is a far from pleasant experience. That’s why train travelers invent so many crazy and hilarious sleeping styles on the overnight train.

    Here are some classic photos taken on long-distance train journeys.

    Even though it’s funny, we still wish everyone on a safe journey home, and a happy Chinese New Year.

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