Cleveland Cavaliers Crush LA Clippers, Showcasing Superb Team Play

The win gives the Cavs their 12th straight. They charged through a frustrated Clippers team that picked up 5 technical fouls, with 4 all coming in the 3rd quarter. Clippers forward Matt Barnes was also ejected as the Cavs dominated for the 105-94 win at home.

Cavs season turnaround extends win streak to 12.

The Cavs led by 32 in the 3rd quarter, seeing great play from LeBron James and Kevin Love. The Cavs ran the floor and passed the ball and just played a better team game, at a pace the Clippers struggled to match. Towards the end the scored closed a bit, but that’s just due to both teams throwing their entire benches into a game that had already been won.

Why are the Cavs doing so well now? They are a completely different team after the trades. Two guys among those new to the team include Russian center Timofey Mozgov and former Knicks sixth man J.R. Smith. Mozgov and Smith worked well with LeBron, complimenting his high energy play with contributions of their own.

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