Where’s My Grandfather? 6-Year-Old Girl Abandoned Over Tiny Debt (Photos)

    Siyao after waking up on her 33rd day at the spa. (Image: KanZhongGuo)The staff call her to eat with them at meal times. (Image: KanZhongGuo)She spends her time watching TV, wearing clothes provided by the staff. (Image: KanZhongGuo)Sometimes, she needs a hug from to feel safe. (Image: KanZhongGuo)Siyao doesn't want to wake up to face the cold reality. (Image: KanZhongGuo)

    A Chinese man left his granddaughter as collateral at a spa, saying he would to get some cash to pay the bill, but still hasn’t returned after more than a month.

    In the ancient town of Guan Du, there is a spa called Golden River. Siyao’s grandfather took her there, and got a wash in a hot tub, followed by a massage.

    But when it was time to pay the bill, the unidentified man claimed he had left all his money, saying he would quickly go and get it.

    According to the manager, he told reception he would leave his granddaughter behind as proof that he intended to return.

    However, he did not come back by the end of that day, and now a month has gone by with the little girl staying at the Kunming bath house.

    Employees have grown fond of Siyao and do their best to make sure she feels at home. She is very well-behaved, and sweet to anyone who treats her well.

    Staff gave her some outfits, and even arranged a TV for her so she doesn’t feel lonely or scared.

    No one knows what happened to the old man, but perhaps he already has a lot of debts. How long Siyao can stay there without any relatives to look after her is a cause for concern.

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