Chinese Officials Had Over 700,000 Extramarital Affairs in 2014 Alone

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(Image: Snake3d /

In China, 96% of communist officials now have mistresses.

It’s taken for granted that those with power can use it to find a mistress as a secretary, or keep her somewhere for enjoyment.

Chinese officials had more than 700,000 extramarital affairs in 2014 alone, according to Hong Kong‘s Zhengming Magazine.

Over 70% of the officials were at local or city government levels, and so far there have been 217,700 cases reported in local courts, according to Some cadres even share mistresses.

More than 41 high-ranking officials in ministerial- and provincial-level positions were reported to have mistresses, and some had more than one. These officials’ houses in government compounds were described as “widow communes” because they were never at home.

Bloggers commented on the news:

  • “I don’t think it is only 700,000. It must be more like 7 million!”
  • “The second and third generations of the Red Army inherited communist traditions. They share wives and have extramarital affairs. One understands that’s what communists do.”
  • “Not only male officials, but their wives are not staying home either. They’re busy looking for young men like a well-known CCTV anchor who had affairs with those VIP wives for money. It’s so shameful for those women and all society. Male and female officials totally lost face.”

It’s just unbelievable this kind of government can still exist with so many scandals happening among its officials.

Translated by Ming Yue

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