Indie Film ‘Desert Dancer’ Exposes Iran’s Ugly Policies Towards Art

When it’s illegal to dance in one’s own country, dancers hide their show under the cloak that rolling hills of sand provide.

I couldn’t imagine what that would be like, wanting to get busy to a little Michael Jackson, and getting legally punished for it. I hope that most of us aren’t facing that, but it’s real.

Who’d want to live in a world without dance? Not these people.

Dance is one of the ways human beings express themselves. It’s a lost cause trying to ban artistic expression. Without artistic expression, life becomes stale. Iran’s leaders must be craving an overthrow or a mass migration.

The film opened in Germany last year. After getting screen time at this year’s Santa Barbara International Film Festival, the film will get a US release this April.

It’s good that films like this can be produced about unbelievable situation abroad. That way, more can see what type of country Iran has become, and with what type of laws. Iran is notorious for the extremist ways of its government, but what’s next to be banned? How far will they take it before it all comes crashing down?

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