4 Cute Hand-Drawn ‘Apology Cards’ From Baby On Her 1st Flight (Photos)

    A red envelope with fortune cat. Happy new year of the sheep! (Image: thepaper.cn)Cute self-introduction! (Image: Thepaper.cn)Baby Ring with the rest of the family. (Image: Thepaper.cn)The challenges of flying with a baby. (Image: Thepaper.cn)Apologizing bows from the parents and grandparents. (Image: Thepaper.cn)

    Chinese New Year is about to start, and many people are making long journeys ready to celebrate the festival.

    Ms. Fang’s family planned a long-distance trip to London. The young couple were taking a new family member—their 18-month-old daughter—with them for the first time. So they included a special item in their luggage: 40 hand-painted “apology cards” to their fellow passengers on the plane.

    The apology card is composed of four-frame cartoons with both Chinese and English captions that say: “Our family will take a 12-hour flight from Beijing to London on Feb. 17. It will be the first flight for my daughter Ring. She’s likely to cry on the plane, which might disturb other passengers.”

    Cute self-introduction! (Image: Thepaper.cn)

    Baby Ring. (Image: Thepaper.cn)

    Ms. Fang told The Paper: “So we got the idea of distributing comic ‘apology cards’ to neighboring passengers, saying sorry on our daughter’s behalf.”

    She added: “British people pay close attention to language etiquette. If it’s a verbal apology, we’re afraid of saying the wrong thing which might annoy other people more. So we chose to use hand-drawn cards. I drew them, and my husband colored them in. ”

    Ms. Fang and her family are from Hangzhou. She likes to paint, and her husband is a graphic designer. Previously, the young couple had seen some foreign passengers with children giving chocolate or candy to neighboring passengers as apology gifts for children crying.

    In line with the Chinese New Year customs, Ms. Fang specially prepared red envelopes,

    each with an ‘apology card’ and two chocolates inside.

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