Traditional Life Turned Upside Down by Huge Dam in Brazil

Brazil is currently building the third-largest hydroelectric dam in the world along the banks of the Xingu River. Critics claim that it will destroy large areas of rainforest and will displace tens of thousands of local people.

The indigenous population in that area, as represented in this video by Igre of the Xikrin tribe, are facing a serious threat to their way of life. They already have a general distrust of outsiders and development.

“Before the dam, the river was full of fish. Now it seems like they have all disappeared,” she says.

The dam will divert 80 percent of the Xingu River’s flow.

The river is home to 25,000 indigenous people from over 40 ethnic groups.

Watch the video to learn more about the dam and how it may displace thousands of indigenous tribes. It may make you question the benefits of development and if they are worth it.



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