Want More Cat Love? Visit a Cat Café

Petting a cat for just a few minutes has a significant positive effect on the immune and nervous systems, enlivening your mood, and reducing stress. Playing with and cuddling a pet is also said to reduce chronic pain and lower high blood pressure. But not everyone can keep a cat when renting an apartment in the city—a lot of landlords just don’t allow pets. So how can you get your dose of cat love without the long-term responsibility of pet ownership? Visit a cat café, of course!

You like cats, but don’t have the time for a pet? This is your place to go!

New York’s Meow Parlour on the lower east side has adopted many stray cats, and given them a good home and higher purpose: to serve out cat-love to New York’s inner-city community. The clean and airy lounge-play-space is both comfortable for cats and humans, with cat toys available to entice energetic felines, as well as cozy nooks to sit and stroke a sleepy cat. There are strict rules however: no waking a sleeping cat, no flash photography, and no picking up a cat without permission from staff.

The novel concept of a cat café has already been trialed successfully in other countries, such as Japan. So it seems that enough people do long for, and will pay to interact with, cats. The unique business plan, catering for a very niche clientele, speaks for itself though. The Meow Parlour is booked out for months in advance! So do call to reserve a time. Watch the video for more.

A place to take coffee and smile wile watching kitties play  Image: Screen shoot/Vimeo

A place to take coffee and smile while watching kitties play. (Screenshot/Vimeo)

Cute cats to pet and smile  Image: Screen shoot/Vimeo

Cute cats to pet. (Screenshot/Vimeo)

Just there chilling  Image: Screen shoot/Vimeo

Just there chilling. (Screenshot/Vimeo)

If you have no appointment you can still enjoy from the window! Image: Screen shoot/Vimeo

If you don’t have an appointment, you can still enjoy from the window! (Screenshot/Vimeo)


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