When Does Lobbying Become Bribery?

It’s expected that anyone or any organization making a donation to a political party or a politician does so without expecting anything in return.

Sounds good but also seems at best a slippery slope.

A donation becomes a bribe when there’s an expectation that something is to be done in return for the money given.

So, yeah, there’s a thin line that divides the two.

Personally I think donations should be forbidden outright.

Why tempt fate?

What do you think?

The video above raises some interesting points about this tricky issue in relation to U.S. politics.

Relatively speaking though, U.S. politicians are not that bad and came in 17th in Transparency Internationals 2014 Corruption Perception Index. Denmark came in number one as the cleanest country and New Zealand was number two.

China came in at 100 and Russia was ranked 136th.

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