Why Did This Old Couple Leave Out a New Year Gift for a Thief?

The old couple left the gift money on the dining table for the special visitor. (Image: Duitang.com)
The old couple left the gift money on the dining table for the special visitor. (Image: Duitang.com)

In Chinese tradition, the older generation gifts red envelopes with money inside to children on the eve of Chinese New Year. The money represents a fortunate start to the year for kids, like a blessing for health and happiness.

This year, a sweet old couple in Wuhan made a special gift of 300 yuan ($50) for any potential thief who might visit their home while they were away for the festival. They left a hand-written letter with the gift, saying these earnest words:

“Young fellow, we know it’s not an easy life away from home. As Chinese New Year got close, you must’ve missed your family. Our social security income isn’t high, so we can only leave this much money for you. Use it to buy a train ticket to go home now. Make sure you find a decent job after New Year.”

A hand-writing letter with kind words. (Image: Sina.com)

The kind handwritten letter. (Image: Sina.com)

The couple’s daughter told the reporter that her parents are retired teachers, and like to travel a lot. This year, they planned a two-month trip to Shenzhen to enjoy the Chinese New Year. Actually they began this touching practice of leaving out money over 10 years ago. Each time they went on a trip, they left a letter and some money on the dining table for the thief.

The elderly lady, Ms. Wang, told Sina News: “Having been teachers all our lives, we believe people are born with a good heart.”

She added that the money and letter were taken once in 2010. When the pair got home after a long trip, they saw a trail of footprints on the dusty floor. “But the footprints stopped at the dining table, and nowhere else in the home was touched,” Ms. Wang said.

Anyone can make a mistake, and it’s always helpful to give them a hand.

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