6 Wonderful Ways to Propose… Celebrity-Style

Love is in the air as Valentine's Day approaches. (Image: Graphicstock)
Love is in the air as Valentine's Day approaches. (Image: Graphicstock)

Did you know how some of these famous couples got engaged?

It’s worth taking a look because they’re still together…


1. By drone

Zhang Ziyi & Wang Feng: 

The actress Zhang Ziyi is probably best-known for her role in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. She was recently celebrating her birthday with her boyfriend Wang Feng when a white drone flew toward her.

The Chinese rock singer/composer retrieved an engagement ring from inside the drone, and then got down on one knee to pop the question.

So next time you see something flying towards you, perhaps it might be a marriage proposal!


2. At his work

Pink & Carey Hart

The pop singer made the first move while Hart was on the racing track.

As he completed one lap at Mammoth Lakes, she held up a sign asking him to marry her. After the next lap, she had changed the words of the sign to say: “I’m serious.”

He finally figured out the message and took a pit stop to seal the deal.

Sometimes the signs are hard to understand, but don’t let that stop you!.


3. On a trip

(Image: Epochtimes.com)

The royal couple. (Image: Epochtimes.com)

Prince William & Kate Middleton:

Kate and William were together for six years before he finally popped the question in 2010. But in the end, it was a proposal fit for a queen.

The couple were on safari in Kenya when William personally flew them to a lake only accessible by helicopter, and presented Kate with his mother’s oval sapphire-and-diamond engagement ring.

He had been carrying the ring in his backpack for three weeks during the trip.

If you choose this type of proposal, it’s probably best to make sure the ring’s not that expensive, so you’re not more concerned about losing it than her reaction, as happened to the Prince…


4.  Proposition Russian doll

Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves:  

The actor created the perfect blend of pre-wedding and Christmas when he slipped his galpal’s ring into a series of gift packages. He presented her with a total of eight packages to unwrap, and the eighth had the ring.

It must’ve been a bit frustrating, but who doesn’t like opening presents?


5. Sneaking into her home

Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor:

You allow someone to enter your home when you’re not in? Christine probably didn’t mind when Ben did that in 1997. Because he decorated her house with rose petals and candles, and proposed when she returned. Did you know there was a flaw in this perfect plan? Ben left the ring at his place…

So if you try to propose in this way, please don’t forget the ring!


6. In a family gathering

(Image: Wikipedia)

Brangelina. (Image: Wikipedia)

Brad Pitt & Angela Jolie:

Brad gathered ALL SIX kids of theirs around Angelina. He said he had a present and surprised her with a little box. Inside was an enormous, impressive diamond ring that was estimated to be 16 carats and worth over $300,000. Angelina was moved to tears.

If you want to build on the idea of a happy family, this is a good way to propose.

Which of these proposals would you like the most?

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