See How These Fundamentalist Kill-Joys Put a Dampener on Valentine’s Day in India

I didn’t think it was possible but a group in India has outdone the wacky revolutionary group in Japan in their opposition to Valentine’s Day.

Not that there’s anything bizarre if you don’t like Valentine’s Day but it’s over the top if you think it’s worthwhile to protest against and intimidate other people over.

In India the members of a fundamentalist Hindu group, called Bajrang Dal, harassed couples in public places on Saturday and according to The Hindu they burnt effigies and greeting cards.

They even married two dogs as part of their protest.

Bajrang Dal opposes Valentine’s Day because it’s a foreign custom that they say threatens Indian culture.

Police took 50 Bajrang Dal anti-Valentine’s Day protesters into custody reported The Hindu.

Apparently the Bajrang Dal has done this kind of thing during previous Valentine’s Days. See the video for more about this bizarre bit of news.

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