Tough Bunny: Have You Ever Seen a Rabbit Do This Before? (Video)

The extraordinary dog “Faith”, who walked on her hind legs, touched many people with her happy spirit. Seeing her determined to live a happy life like other normal dogs somehow makes you feel better.

Recently, “Faith the bunny” showed up in a zoo in China.

Liuzhou Zoo in Guangxi Province bought a group of little rabbits at the local markets not long ago. Soon visitors started to notice a unique rabbit among them.

Well, it’s hard to overlook this little creature because there she is always walking upside down!

Some bloggers posted photos of the white rabbit on social media, and so many families brought their children to watch the little cutie in action, according 21 CN.

The exact reason why the rabbit can only walk on her front legs remains unclear.

A visitor commented: “We guess this rabbit’s hind legs have a congenital disability, so she learned to walk on her front feet. We called her ‘tough bunny.’

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