Eddie Murphy Loses His Sense of Humor on Saturday Night Live TV Special

Has Eddie Murphy run out of jokes? Or did he purposely keep his long-awaited return to SNL short, to highlight some aspect of the show he is displeased with. Or is he still steaming over that past rift with producer Lorne Michaels over a skit that defamed his movie.

Has Eddie Murphy lost the comedy?

I know a comedian would have to run out of jokes at some point. Just like a songwriter would run out of songs, or an actor would run out of dramatic moments and stuff. That’s probably why big comedians run around with stables of writers to stimulate their juices. Maybe a lone Eddie lost that spark he’s held throughout his long career.

Murphy was the face of Saturday Night Live during his historic run from 1980 to 1984. He skipped the 25th anniversary, only to make an extremely brief appearance, with almost no jokes, on the 40th. I get the impression he is at a different stage in his life. SNL, and perhaps the comedy thing as a whole, isn’t that important any more.

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