Seal and Giant Octopus Battle Caught in Rare Footage

This video is a pretty amazing find. It shows a fight between a harbor seal and a giant pacific octopus. I have to admit I have never seen anything like this have you? The Vancouver Aquarium is excited because this is rare footage.

Tyler Schnarr recorded it at Ogden Point in Victoria British Columbia.

The victor emerges...and shows off to the crowd. He should be proud, that's a giant octopus! (Twitter/NZHerald)

The victor emerges…and shows off to the crowd. He should be proud, that’s a giant octopus! (Twitter/NZHerald)

Here’s the full story in CBC News, they have awesome photos that really show how huge the octopus was! Apparently the fight between the small seal and large orange octopus drew a bit of a crowd, and that the seal may have just been showing off!

Seal vs. Octopus. Who you rooting for?

Just incase you aren’t an expert on seal and octopus diets, the seal does commonly go for octopus, but it’s not a quick and easy lunch.




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