10 Awesome Creations Invented by Chinese People (Photos)

    Grandpa Sun Jifa lost his arms in an accident, and spent two months manufacturing mechanical arms with the help of his two nephews. (Image: Secret China)Mr. He made a rideable traveling suitcase. (Image: Secret China)Mr. Tao built this transformer-like robot. (Image: Secret China)A home-made mini-tank in a farmer's backyard. (Image: Secret China)A tractor refitted with 12 brooms. (Image: Secret China)A two-wheeled vehicle pulled by a home-made robot. (Image: Secret China)A giant motorcycle. (Image: Secret China)A wooden electric car. (Image: Secret China)A submarine called Another submarine. (Image:Secret China)

    Creation is boundless if you have passion and imagination.

    These 10 folk inventions show that regular people around us can do really cool things to make the world awesome!

    1. Grandpa Sun Jifa is a farmer from Jilin Province who lost his arms in an accident 32 years ago. He spent two months manufacturing these mechanical arms with the help of his two nephews. They are made from basic materials like metal, plastic, and rubber. Now he can “wear” the arms to lift heavy bricks, and started building his own house.
    2. Mr. He spent a decade creating a rideable traveling suitcase. It can reach a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour, and the battery lasts for 30 to 40 miles. The suitcase works like a mini-vehicle with recharging, navigation, anti-theft, driving, and luggage-carrying features.
    3. Mr. Tao built this transformer-like robot using scrap metals and wires. It even has a remote control function. However, after the robot was finished, Tao realized it was too large to move out of the house.
    4. This home-made mini-tank gets around in a farmer’s backyard. Pretty cool, isn’t it? It only cost 6,450 yuan ($1,000).
    5. In Heilongjiang Province, a tractor refitted with 12 brooms is cleaning the street.
    6. Wu Yulu, a folk inventor from Beijing, is sitting in a two-wheeled vehicle pulled by a home-made robot. Mr. Wu has been playing with mechanical “junk” since his childhood. But his family was poor, so he could only keep the dream of making a robot in his heart. He started making robots when he grew up. Since 2003, Wu Yulu bought his inventions to various competitions, and in 2009 he successfully entered the Shanghai Expo.
    7. Uyghur youngster Abulajon took a year to produce a 78 inch-tall motorcycle, weighing over 600 pounds. The giant motorcycle can travel up to 15.5 miles per hour. It cost about 8,000 yuan ($1,300).
    8. In Shenyang, Liu Fulong, a carpenter with over 30 years’ experience, made a wooden electric car that is 5.2 feet long, 4 feet wide, and weighs over 400 pounds. It can travel nearly 19 miles per hour.
    9. Tan Yong, a farmer from Hubei Province, spent five months manufacturing a submarine called “Happy.” This submarine can dive 100 feet underwater. Exploring the underwater world was Tan Yong’s childhood dream.
    10. Zhang Wuyi, a laid-off worker also from Hubei Province, made his own submarine for 3 million yuan ($500,000).
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