Did Ariana Grande Steal Music Video Ideas From a Small Australian Band?

Ariana Grande
Did Ariana Grande's people get caught stealing? (YouTube/extratv)

When you’re one of the world’s most well-known pop stars, and your producers look to indie bands for music video ideas, someone just might get sued.

This stolen music video idea is far from a coincidence.

The similarities in these two videos, one for Ariana Grande’s song One Last Time and SAFIA’s You Are the One are unmistakable. One Last Time came out just a few days ago, while SAFIA had theirs out last September.

I don’t know why Ariana Grande’s producers would be so bold in their imitation. They don’t outdo the original concept. And the Ariana Grande song doesn’t compare in quality to SAFIA’s. What they’ve done is provided this indie band with a way to bring publicity to their superior production.

Grande’s video has over 4 million viewers since being released 3 days ago, while SAFIA’s has nearly 150,000 since being released 5 months ago. As long as people get to listen, watch, and compare, I’m sure SAFIA can get more recognition for a great song.

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