Russian Man (of Course) Smashes Through Icy Lake to Save Drowning Dog

What an excellent dude, someone buy this guy some vodka! Without a second thought, this 21-year-old Russian man jumps into a lake with a frozen crust to save a drowning dog.

Smashing through the ice with his elbows, one blow at a time, Ivan wades out to the dog and pulls him back to shore.

The back story of this drowning dog story is the part that’ll melt the ice…in your HEART. Winks.

According to this Russian media the stray dog took off after getting out as it was so scared.

The dog’s hero didn’t want to talk much about himself, but apparently Ivan had wanted to join the military but was declined due to a heart condition. But that heart condition didn’t stop him from jumping into icy water and smashing through the ice with his bare skin.

He tried to warm up in the car, but in true Russian fashion decided a bottle of vodka would do the trick a little better. He and his friends (one of which was filming) went to the store, and who should be there? The little dog he saved, as fate would have it.

They bought the dog a sausage, and then Ivan decided to adopt the dog, which he now calls Rex.

The End.

Just some important comments worth reading. (Image: Youtube)

Just some important comments. (Image: Youtube)

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