Hong Kong ‘Wolf’ Leader Tells People to Be ‘Sheepish’ in New Year’s Greeting

Student protesters hold up a placard of 'Leung the Wolf.' (Image: bayvoice.net)
Student protesters hold up a placard of 'Leung the Wolf.' (Image: bayvoice.net)

CY Leung, the Beijing-backed Chief Executive of Hong Kong, has been heavily mocked and criticized since the 11-week-long Umbrella Movement protests.

And his latest PR attempt was no exception with a Chinese New Year greeting video that was broadcast on Feb. 19.

Leung is nicknamed the Wolf by Hong Kongers because his surname sounds like “wolf” in Cantonese, and because of his links with the Chinese Communist Party.

In the video, Leung said: “Sheep are widely known as a tame and mild animal living in groups.”

He alluded to the Hong Kong students’ demonstrations by saying: “Hong Kong went through storms last year. Many differences and contradictions occurred in the society.”

Then he added that he hoped people can learn from the sheep’s “special qualities” in the Year of the Sheep, becoming “mutually tolerant and helping each other.”

Bloggers responded sarcastically to his message. One commented:

Of course a wolf would love to see more sheep!

With people calling him the wolf, Leung’s speech can only make viewers wonder if he was simply asking the people to be his obedient meal.

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