Flow™ Frames Set to Revolutionize the Way Honey Is Harvested

    This Flow™ hive has 3 Flow™ frames in the middle between 4 traditional honey frames. (Image: honeyflow.com)Honey draining from one frame of a Flow™ hive. (Image: honeyflow.com )It's amazing just how much honey comes out of one Flow™ frame. (Image:  honeyflow.com)View inside the honey channel at bottom of the Flow™ frames. (Image: honeyflow.com )This Flow™ frame was pulled out of the Flow™ hive just for the photo. The bees are capping it nicely. (Image: honeyflow.com  )This is a 2013 Flow™ hive prototype. Notice the smaller viewing window. (Image: honeyflow.com )Flow™ hives draining with covered jars.  (Image: honeyflow.com)

    If you want to start bee keeping, then this story is for you. It’s not as easy as it looks, with so many things that can cause CCD (colony collapse disorder). But the people at Flow™ have made it a lot easier to harvest honey from your hives with far less stress on the bees.

    Bee Harvesting The Traditional Way Image: (screenshot Youtube)

    Honey harvesting the traditional way. (Screenshot/YouTube)


    Bee Harvesting The Flow Way  Image: (screenshot Youtube)

    Honey harvesting the Flow way.

    Australian father-and-son bee keeping team Stuart and Cedar Anderson have developed a new type of frame, called a Flow™ frame. It allows the honey to flow out directly from the hive without the need to open it, and with minor disturbance to the bees.

    The Flow™ frames are designed to fit inside standard boxes. They are compatible with Langstroth size deep boxes, and are inserted into standard bee supers (boxes) in much the same way as standard frames, they say on their website.

    This promotional video shows you how the Flow™ hive works.

    Having had bees as a child, I think this is a great invention.

    This will save on buying a lot of equipment, save time in the harvesting process, and hardly disturb the bees at all.



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