Old Lady Bows Three Times in Court, Shocks Millions of People

Migrant sentenced for kidnapping boss's son... then something shocking happens. (Image: Secret China)
Migrant sentenced for kidnapping boss's son... then something shocking happens. (Image: Secret China)

This is a story that was widespread on the Internet, and many people were touched by this and shed tears.

The criminal suspect was a migrant worker in his 30s. He had kidnapped a 6-year-old boy. Although the boy was unharmed and suffered no serious consequences, the migrant was still subject to legal sanctions.

The boy, whom the migrant worker kidnapped, was his boss’s son. The migrant had worked eight months, yet had not been paid a penny from his boss. He was the only source of income in his family. His mother suffered from severe heart disease, his child needed school fees, and his younger sister was mentally ill and required treatment. Whenever he asked  to be paid, his impatient boss would order the security guards to drive him out of the office. Finally, he felt this was intolerable and so kidnapped his boss’s son.

After doing this, he regretted his act. He could have easily run away, but he was afraid the boy would be scared and might suffer some accident. So he held the boy in his arms. When the police appeared, the boy was sound asleep in his arms. The migrant was sentenced to 5 years by the court.

When the judge was closing the case, an elderly woman in the public gallery said: “Please wait, I have something to say.” The owner of the voice was an old lady—the boy’s grandma, the boss’s mother. After the boy was kidnapped, the old lady was bedridden, because he is the only boy among her grandchildren. She slowly walked to the dock and stood in front of the migrant workers, her lips trembling. Suddenly, she bent down, and deeply bowed three times to the migrant worker. Everyone was shocked.

The old lady had grizzled hair, and her face was covered with tears. She slowly said: “Young man, the first bow is an apology from me on my son’s behalf. I failed to educate my son properly, which allowed him to treat you wrongly. You should not be the only one to face judgement, my son is the real culprit. The second bow is an apology from me to your family. Not only did my son’s wrongdoings hurt you, but your family as well. The third bow is in gratitude to you. I thank you for not hurting my grandson and leave the slightest shadow in his mind. You have a kind heart!’

Everyone in the court was visibly moved by the righteous words and behavior of the old lady.

The migrant worker burst into tears because he was so touched and remorseful. The result was that the boss not only paid the worker his back salary, but also took the worker’s mother and sister to the city to have medical treatment.

The story ended happily. The old lady’s forgiveness and righteousness redeemed her son’s soul. No matter what path you chose, “living righteously” should be the first principle. Do not do things that are contrary to moral values, things that will cause your mother to have to bow on your behalf


Translation and research by Edward Fang & Mona Song

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