The Aftermath of the Copenhagen Killings

It’s now been a week since Omar el-Hussein, a 22-year-old Danish-born Muslim man, shot dead two people and injured several others in Copenhagen.

One of those killed was at a debate in a cafe on free speech attended by Lars Vilks, a cartoonist who was made famous for drawing an unflattering cartoon of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad. The other man – a Jewish volunteer guard – was killed by el-Hussein outside Denmark’s central synagogue.

After a man hunt, Danish police shot and killed el-Hussein.

In the above 11 minute report, Vice News has traveled to the Danish capital to see how the city’s people are coping with what has happened.

And like a lot of Vice reports they do a decent job in getting a wide range of views and let those that they interview have their say, whether we like what they have to say or not. Among those interviewed include:

  • Supporters of the anti-Islam group PEGIDA
  • Denmark’s Chief Rabbi
  • A representative from pan-Islamic organization Hizb ut-Tahrir
  • The former chief of Danish intelligence
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