Watch the Best Musical Performances From the Oscars 2015 Right Here

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga changes everything and takes the Oscars by surprise. (Screenshot:

Here are the funnest, funniest, and most touching musical moments from the Oscars this year. Forget about who won what. That’s all politics. Let’s take it as a chance to see great musical performances, the type you only get to see at awards shows.

This is the music that captivated us at the Oscars.

The first standout is a song from The Lego Movie performed by Tegan and Sara. They took a fun kids song and brought it to life, and gave us all childlike hope.

The next video comes from that great performance by Common and John Legend. I’m not surprised it left some in tears, the original music video was powerful. This pushes it up a notch.

And then we come to this elegant performance by Lady Gaga. Some are saying it’s the best performance of her career. Maybe she can think about forgoing all the pop stuff for timeless music like this.

Last but not least is Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to those that show business lost.

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